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Lifestyle, food & wellness blog posts

Many of these lifestyle, food and wellness blog posts were written for my freelance client, delivers a city’s top local eats from owner-operated restaurants to corporate offices for any team meal, gathering, and work event.

Besides writing weekly blog posts, I develop monthly content strategies, write and edit content marketing, emails, update brand guidelines, and create new product and brand messaging.

In the first year that I took over the blog, there was a 367% increase YOY in blog traffic (compared to 80% YOY increase the year prior). In 2018-2020, the blog saw a 832% increase in blog traffic to over 430k views.

Compostable vs. recyclable vs. biodegradable (~60k views)

The good (and bad) news about juice cleanses (~53k views)

Zero waste 101—and tips for you and your office

Why eating local food is good for you, your community, and your planet

Food waste: Everything you and your office needs to know

What is farm to table (and why is it so rad)?

Fast food versus slow food: The dilemma of ordering in

Wellness trends in workplaces around the world

10 back-to-work tips for a happier, healthier fall

Wellness tips to help you shake the winter blues

7 Superfoods that fight the cold and flu season

12 ways to go green in your office

Top food trends of 2018 that have been around for centuries

Why you should eat breakfast for dinner

Why are farmer’s markets so popular in North America?

7 healthy office snack delivery ideas

Doughnuts, World War I and The Great Depression

Tips & tricks to following the Mediterranean Diet

Looking for a snack? Canada’s got your cravings covered

BBQ catering for the perfect summer office party

The best ice cream shops in Foodee cities

Top 5 summertime food trends for 2018

Top Netflix food documentaries that are inspiring food trends

Foodee cities and our favourite cookbooks part 1 (& part 2)

18 ways to boost your happiness this spring

The importance of staff meals: What companies can learn from restaurants

Snack on this: Top 6 food podcasts


Business strategy blog posts

Here are a few examples of B2B business strategy related blog posts that I wrote for clients including for Foodee and Vision Critical.

33 Employee engagement ideas for the summer

Team building with food

The importance of organizational culture

The benefits of customer advocacy (for the brand AND its advocates)

5 Work-life balance hacks

How to avoid the Innovator’s Dilemma: A look at Snapchat’s disappearing users

3 product innovation trends changing the business world

Co-creation: 5 examples of brands driving customer-driven innovation

The fundamental flaw in customer journey mapping—and how to fix it

How to engage your Millennial workforce—according to one opinionated Millennial

Why real, authentic interactions are more important than execs think


Marketing and brand strategy posts

Here are some social media marketing and brand-related blog posts I wrote for Hootsuite. With over 16 million users worldwide, Hootsuite helps people and brands manage their social media better. These editorial blog posts include tips and tricks and strategies for getting more out of your marketing efforts.

5 brands that employed transparency in marketing—and won

5 ways customer feedback can improve your content marketing strategy

How social media can create a better work environment

Top 6 social media bad habits (and how to break them)

5 Brands on Twitter who take risks (and why it works)

Financial literacy and fintech posts

I’ve written for several financial technology (fintech) companies over the years, including Marble Financial, Progressa and VoPay. Many of the pieces were ghostwritten for B2B audiences and other posts offered financial wellness advice for B2C audiences, most specifically for Millennials.

Here are many great examples of the fintech blog posts that I wrote:

Competition Among The Einsteins And Edisons Of Fintech (ghostwritten)

The 3-digit number you’ll always be judged by

Open Banking: Smoothing The Transition Into The Inevitable Future (ghostwritten)

Tokenization: The Secret Key To Payment Security (ghostwritten)

Paper To Plastic To Digital Payments: Evolution Of Credit Cards And Checks (ghostwritten; 1.19k views)

4 Outside-of-the-Box Debt Solutions (1.47k views in four months)

Why you need a budget—and one to follow

Financial Literacy Series: Financial Literacy and Wellness 101(1.27k views)

3 Simple Debt Solutions for Millennials

How to Save Money When Shopping Online (1.07k views)

How to Figure Out Your Financial Priorities (according to Warren Buffet)

4 Tricks: Debt Management for Dummies (1.05k views)

8 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means

15 Ways to Pay off Your Debt Faster

5 Home Improvements to Save Money (and the planet)

Financial Literacy and Wellness 101

The Future Of Digital Banking: Top 5 Trends For 2020 (ghostwritten)

Everything You Need To Know About EFT Banking (ghostwritten)

A consumer proposal journey from debt to relief

5 factors affecting your credit score right now

Your financial literacy may be the problem

The good, the bad, and the ugly of consumer proposals

How I Recovered From a Maxed Out Credit Card

Financial Literacy: How poor credit can affect your life

Three Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

How Point of Sale (POS) Financing can Help Your Business Grow

Time to Get a Side Hustle? 7 Tell-Tale Signs

The 5 Worst Things You Can Do While Trying to Get out of Debt

How Alternative Credit Scoring Helps Your Business and Customers

How Avoiding Credit (and Bad Credit) is Costing You