Website copy

What does your website say about your brand? Is it clear what you’re selling? Is it compelling enough to capture the attention of your fleeting audience?

I love helping small businesses market their brands better. I’ve created website copy from scratch, overhauled outdated messaging and simplified web pages to help drive sales and clarify the message. I understand the fine balance between writing for the web and driving SEO while creating a clear, modern message.

a Sunday in August wines

a Sunday in August is a fairly new natural wine brand here in BC. As their marketer, I helped them create their fun, modern brand from scratch—working together with a designer and several artists for the label art—and I wrote the copy for their engaging website. We are working together to build the brand on social media and turn followers into loyal consumers.

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Asia Standard Americas

I developed and wrote the entire website copy for Asia Standard Americas, a North American subsidiary of Asia Standard International Group a publicly-traded real-estate development company.

This task included: developing a brand voice, organizing and collecting information from team members and project brochures, distilling the brand message for a Vancouver-based audience, simplifying the content and working with a designer to make headlines and content stand out.

Website pages included: Home, profile, projects homepage, individual projects, team, our commitment, press and contact us.

Click the images below to view the website at

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Foodee webpages and brand messaging

As a freelance copywriter for Foodee, a corporate meal delivery service, I often help them create simple, yet compelling webpage copy. Take this “Ways to order” page, for example (

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Foodee wanted a user-friendly, modern way to show the various methods of ordering meals on their website. Working together with the team at Foodee, we came up with this fun webpage layout and copy that simplifies a message (that was previously a bit confusing).

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.06.59 PM.png

It’s all about removing the barriers to purchase. Simplify the experience.